Premiere at Neilson Hays Library, Nov 16-19, 2018

A dance piece, inspired by the mythical BERGHAIN, the Berlin ultimate destination for electronic music club, where Jitti Chompee explores the underground nightlife with its mysterious beings and all kinds of sexual pleasure. In this playground where anything and everything is possible, humans become animals to free their primal behavior and inner most hidden desire to remain in a perpetual state of euphoria and excitement. Here, there is no authority to dictate normality, male and female mingle as they want in a chaotic orgy of pleasure, enhanced by some substances to live the utmost raw and sensual experience.

In a way, Party Animal, just like some marginalized communities, has redefined unexpected spaces to surrender itself to the pleasure of the flesh. In this momentary “Site Specific” performance, bodies get stimulated by all imaginable ways, under the mesmerizing influence of loud repetitive techno music and illicit drugs, dance mixes with sexual acts to trigger natural relentless improvised motions. Free from any restraint, it can anonymously let its mind and body loose to satisfy its thirst for an unending exhilarating sensation. Thus, it is Jitti’s interest to dig into this alternative universe to propose an organic and raw dance composition tinted by his shocking, crazy and humorous personal style.

Performers: Benjamin Tardif, Dovydas Strimaitis and Sukadeva Joshua Horn
Direction and Choreography: Jitti Chompee
Lighting: Jirach Eaimsa-ard
Tour: MAIIAM Contemporary art Museum, Nov 23, 2018 / Rain Forest Fringe 2019 July 6-7, 2019

“After the performance had ended, members of the audience lingered on for quite a while, taking photographs of the pink dancers who were lurking in all corners and niches of the library, as if to say that we are all-pervasive and you can’t get rid of us so easily. I am sure “Party Animal” must have left an indelible memory on many among the audience on account of its inspiring artistry and, last but not least, intellectual/hermeneutical challenge.”

Written by Chetana Nagavajara
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