Premiere at P.Tendercool Warehouse, Dec 1-11, 2012 / Photo by Basil Childers

What Muet achieved though, was to introduce elements of the classical dance form to a contemporary audience in a less rigid context and instil a sense of appreciation in them. The audience might not have understood khon any better after the performance, but they could definitely enjoy the beauty of the bodies as well as relate to the timeless, universal emotion present in the antiquated mythological tale.

Performers: Suwan Klinampon, Anucha Sumaman, Klittin Kiatmetha
Music: Dirk P. Haubrich

Supported by The Goethe-Institut Thailand

Tour: 137 pillars house, Bangkok International Dance Festival, Our Roots Right Now Festival, at Sodsai Pantoomkomol Centre for Dramatic Arts