Moving Sculpture

Dance / Creation 2021
Premiere at Lido Connect Mar 20-22, 2021

One can maneuver around a static sculptural art piece, viewing it from many perspectives to gain new insight into its beauty from each different angle. Likewise, Jitti manipulates the body through a 360-degree lens.  Body parts are  purposefully shaped from which the perspective they are gazed. However, he reverses the role where the viewer is static but the dancing body becomes a moving sculpture, constantly shifting the perspective of their body for the spectator.

The Khon mask itself is a sculpture that speaks through its movement. Jitti is fascinated by the ability that the Khon mask – in its bare form – holds in portraying a spectrum of emotions. A shift in angular degrees of the head at a specific time can convey a significant change in the character’s state of being and communication. One simple mask can give the impressions of numerous facial expressions by shifting the vantage points of its form.

Direction , Choreography, Setting and Concept : Jitti Chompee
Director’s Assistant and Text : Kanokporn Vorapharuek
Performing Artists : Anucha Sumaman , Anand Wongpaisan
Singer : Yarnawut Traisuwan
Photographer : Piyatat Hemmatat
Lighting : Jirach Eaim sa-ard