Lieber Adzio

‘Lieber Adzio’ is my interpretation and adaptation of Thomas Mann’s novella into contemporary dance theatre. My choreography has been inspired by a fascination with the depiction of absolute love in ‘Death in Venice’ which is one of the great classics of world literature, is about Thomas Mann’s love for a 10 year-old Polish boy called Wladyslaw Moes, nicknamed Adzio and the way Mann uses a fictional character to serve as a mask for his own homosexuality.

Jitti Chompee’s choreography is about the relationship of two people who only know each other with their eyes. The “Lieber Adzio” project will provide a positive artistic and social impulse to the Bangkok performing arts community and audience alike. Dirk P. Haubrich is a well-known and daring composing artist, who loves to create music for dance and theatre for Nederland Dans Theater and others. His bold composing will transform the Thai classical music instruments and songs into new electronic music compositions.

Performers Anucha Sumaman, Aeneas Compernol, La-Ongyot Wongngern (Jaschu), Krittin Kiatmetha and Alex de Vries
Music Composition Dirk P. Haubrich
Lighting Design Jirach Eaimsa-Ard
Setting Design Yoko Seyma
Photographer and Editing Basil Childers

Photos by Basil Childers