A love song

A contemporary dance theatre production inspired by Jean Genet’s film and poetry that tells a love story of two prisoners.”Un Chant d’Amour” is a beautiful silent film in which Genet uses visual language with the greatest of ease.  Ignoring traditional plot and psychology, Genet’s plays rely heavily on ritual, transformation, illusion and interchangeable identities.  His experiences in prison would inform much of his work. The homosexuals, prostitutes, thiefs and outcasts of his plays are trapped in self-destructive circles.

“Le Funambule” (The tightrope walker), an ode to artists in general, written in 1955 (Poésie/Gallimard NRF,1955), explores not only the loneliness and solitude of an artist, but also serves as a poetic meditation on Genet’s passionate love for the 19 year old tightrope walker, Abdallah Bentaga.

Photos by Kittiwat Sitti